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Thanks for your interest in my writings and pictures. Through the links below, you'll find a few documents and pictures that are generally family related. If you would like to access more written work, please check out the larger selection at RichWritings.com.


The Human Future:

I have a dream, a dream of humankind. I see new possibilities and new realities. I see hope, wonderment, and amazing creations. I see futures within futures, dreams within dreams, realities within realities. I see individuals who are many and groups who are one. I see wholeness and uniqueness combined in new forms making humans freer and completer. I see life growing and spreading within us and around us. I see vast new horizons and challenges with awe and fascination. I feel joy, peace, and oneness with my creator.

The human future is not a dream. It is a possibility, a possibility which we may create, a possibility which we must create. We are beyond innocence. We know what our role and responsibility is. We must mature and make sacrifices as parents of our own destiny.

Rich Van Winkle (1990)

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