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Family (2)

I never met either of my great-grandfathers or my natural maternal grandfather, and pictures of them are more than scarce...


Charles & Wilbert Swank           Wilbert & Laura Swank  


      Grandpa & Grandma VW                        Grandpa & Grandma Leedy


       Merle & Dorothy                              Lawrence S. Ashcraft


             Grandpa Merle (Landon), Dorothy and crew            Grandma Dorothy, Mom, Gary and me (1953)

My family was a bit ahead of the times - the grandfathers I knew on both sides of my family were "step dads"; Grandpa Ashcraft married Adello after her divorce from Charles VW (1931) and Grandpa Landon married Dorothy after Leslie died in 1944. Because of this, I have uncles, aunts, step-uncles, and step-aunts that I don't know. 


   A Swank Family Reunion (early 1900s)        

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