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(With Mom and Gary (brother) at Mt. St. Helens - 2003)

Can't say that I know a lot about my ancestors - and I've never been into genealogy or family history. The family names include Swank, Leedy, McCullough, and Van Winkle. We're in-laws of Landons and Ashcrafts. We're a mix of German, Irish, Swiss, and Dutch, with who knows what else thrown in to make us more interesting. The oldest family photo I know of is this one (1870s?) on a metal plate. I believe it includes my great-grandmother Swank (right?).

A similar metal plate photo is also unidentified, but came from a Swank descendant (my grandmother Dorothy)

Here are my great-grandmothers...


                                                   (Ophra Rogers McCollough)                                      (Laura Fraver Swank)

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