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I have been fortunate to work in a variety of fields and consider this diversity of experience as a great asset. In both public and private sectors, as employee and employer, and as as entrepreneur and philanthroper, my life has brought interesting and challenging opportunities. I offer this outline of my professional experiences, working from current to past...

I currently serve as officer or board member to the following organizations:

  • IT Management Services, Inc., Bellingham, WA 
  • ACS Software Publishing, Inc.,  Oregon City, OR
  • The Human Future, Blaine, WA 
  • ACE Specialty Software, Inc.,Oregon City, OR 
  • Cherry Computers, Inc., Ferndale, WA
  • Hearloss.org, LLC, Corvallis, OR 97330

I have served as officer or board member to the following:

  • The Dalles Education Association, The Dalles, OR
  • S.E.E. Corp., Elkton, OR
  • Computer Education Services, Inc., The Dalles, OR 
  • Agricultural Computer Services, Inc.,  Oregon City, OR
  • Total Home Security, Inc., Ferndale, WA
  • DK Masonry, LLC, Bellingham, WA

Among my various titles and job descriptions, I include the following:

  • Elected President of TDEA twice 
  • "Program Manager (1) - Welding", CGCC
  • "Program Manager (2) - Computer Science", CGCC
  • "Professor"(3) - PSU; Graduate Courses
  • "Instructor" - Clark College
  • "Department Chair - Electronics", TDHS
  • "Director of Technical Development", SEE Corp.

I have chaired numerous committees and presented at several conferences:

  • Advisory Committee - Computer Science, CGCC
  • Advisory Committee - Welding, PCC
  • Oregon Micro-Computer Certificate Program Committee (Chair)
  • "Green" Construction Methods - Oregon Forestry Center 
  • "Computers in Education" (numerous)
  • "Computers in Agriculture" (several)
  • "Computers in Business" (several)

I have taught college level (credit) courses in each of these areas:

  • Outdoor Education (Backpacking, Mountaineering, Survival)
  • Electronics
  • Computer Science (four colleges)
  • Education (Graduate Level)
  • Welding & Metallurgy
  • Business Management
  • Crafts
  • Woodworking

I have been certified or licensed in these areas:

  • Secondary Education
  • Welding Instruction & Testing (Certification Instruction)
  • General Contracting

I was "Certificated" in the following specialties in the military:

  • Field Medicine (Medic)
  • Global Survival (Master Instructor)
  • Winter Survival (Alaska)
  • Jungle Survival (Panama)
  • SERE specialties

I have received a few awards and medals, but none have meant more than being asked to deliver the commencement addresses for the TDHS graduating classes of 1980 and 1981.

(1 &2): Before Treaty Oak ESD became CHCC, Department Chairs were titled "Program Managers". 

(3): The title "professor" was offered by students and was not technically correct. 

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